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On this page, I’ll link to my various recommendations. There aren’t many so far, but I hope to write more. If you speak German, you can take a look at the German version of this page, which has a little more content. Only one of the newest batch of fanwork recs can be found here; the others are on their own page.

Bullet Catcher's Daughter Piranesi

Comics & Mangas:
Let Dai

A Charming Man

Vidder: giandujakiss
Song: The Wondersmith
and His Sons
Artist: Astronautalis
This vid is simply perfect. The chosen song fits great, which is rarely the case with Supernatural vids. The cuts are well executed, and giandujakiss chose the scenes with her usual care. The combination of lyrics and video is stunning.
I haven’t seen many vids that manage to capture the essence of the fourth season of Supernatural this well. The vidder puts much emphasis on the tragic element that characterises her three protagonists and what happens to them seems to be inevitable destiny. Sometimes you can catch a glimpse of what season five might look like.

Films & Series:
Carnival Row Gosford Park Kingdom Warrior