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Here you’ll find links to websites that I like or find useful. I am not responsible for the linked contents, with the exception of my own accounts on other websites.

More About Me:
Blogs My main blogs at the moment are my Dreamwidth, from which I crosspost to InsaneJournal. You can find meta and other information there. I have a LiveJournal as well, but I only use it to comment on entries and to read communities. You won’t find me on Tumblr and I barely if ever use my Twitter account.
Archives I have accounts at the following archives: (German – I don’t post there anymore), (German),, and the Archive of Our Own (The only other archive where you can find all my fanfics, except one unfinished German WIP).
Recommendations I won’t put all my recs on this website. More of my older fanfic and meta recs can be found on my account, and the ratings for the books that I read are on LibraryThing. You can also find me on Ravelry.

Duolingo A website for learning languages, or at least helping you do so. It includes a wide variety of languages, including all the popular ones, as well as rare languages like Navajo, and fictional ones like High Valyrian or Klingon.
NaNoWriMo The website of the National Novel Writing Month—Every November a lot of people all over the world participate in this writing contest. The challenge: Write 50.000 words in 30 days. I had lots of fun and can only recommend it!
Smitten Kitchen I like to cook and bake a lot, and this is my favourite recipe website. There are many recipes on there that I like, but the one I’ve made the most so far is probably the Blackberry Cheesecake Galette.
TV Tropes Wiki The perfect place to procrastinate, especially if you are a fan of various shows, films and books, despite all their faults. A warning: Don’t click on the link if you’re not willing to spend the afternoon!

Inn at the Crossroads Do you like to cook and bake? Are you interested in historical recipes? Do you like to combine your fannish interests with your culinary ones? Then this is the website for you. It’s mainly Game of Thrones recipes, but you’ll also find other fandom recipes there, including from Stardew Valley, The Witcher, The Elder Scrolls and Star Wars!
OTW The Organisation for Transformative Works and their infos on themselves, their projects and their goals. You might not agree with them, but it’s worth checking out anyway. Their projects are a wiki, an archive and a journal, among others.
Skyehawke A multi-fandom archive, invite-only. That ensures that you don’t have to look quite as hard for decent fanfic as you have to in larger archives like It has a lot of high-quality Harry Potter fanfics, for example.
Yuletide The archive of the famous yearly rare fandom fic exchange. If you’re looking for fics for smaller fandoms, this archive is your best bet, and if you can’t find anything here, you probably won’t find anything at all. On top of this the quality of the stories in uncommonly good.

Useful Websites:
HP Lexicon A useful website for anyone who wants to write a Harry Potter story. You can find infos on practically anything that was ever mentioned in canon.
Pop Jisho A website that translates Japanese words into English while you’re reading a Japanese text online. Very usefull if you want to navigate Japanese websites but don’t Japanese (well).