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This is where you can find my icons. They’re mostly in the LJ/DW-friendly 100x100 format (.jpg, .gif or .png). The source material is from several canons, but for some I used my own or my brother’s photos. They’re ordered by topic.

Worthless I Love TV Gay Bobbies thug for life

Being Human:
being human annie bad wolf

Doctor Who & Torchwood:
tw1 tardis doctor geek doctor squee tosh harriet
alice rhys/gwen omg badfic

Hot Fuzz:
unsee hot fuzz hot fuzz

Venedig Forum Romanum Trastevere Florenz

Merlin (BBC):
uther morgana nimueh merlin arthur

Art Art Dschungel Platte Sherlock Tee
Schuhe Rotschopf Ink eisbärchen irony sarcasm
tl;dr unsee earth logic that word eisbaer

Miscellaneous Fandoms:
Daria Marie Antoinette Dean Winchester Marie Antoinette stranger stranger
stranger stranger dark angel oscar blackadder dexter

never where de carabas

kaktus schaf clown

Old Movies:
arsenic and lace some like it hot Sherlock Holmes Citizen Kane

Pushing Daisies:
Chuck love car jesus chuck nuns

Velvet Goldmine:
Curt Wild Curt Wild Curt Wild Velvet Goldmine Maxwell Demon brian slade