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This is where you can read my fanfictions. If you don’t know what fanfics are, I recommend reading this article on Wikipedia. I mostly write for exchanges, hence the large variety of fandoms listen below. I’d also like to warn you about the fact that I only label pairings, ratings and spoilers on this site. If you have a question regarding specific warnings and stories, I’m happy to help you. Just send me an e-mail.
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Agent Carter

Welcome to LA Angie Martinelli & Ana Jarvis – It had been Peggy’s idea for Angie to come to LA. But Peggy, as always, was far too busy with work, which led to Angie making an unexpected new friend.
2,233 words, complete, 6+

Arang and the Magistrate

Peaches, Blossoms
and Memories
Arang/Eun-oh – If there is one thing that’s frustrating A-rang in her new life, it's Kim Eun-oh’s obstinate refusal to remember anything. But that just makes her even more determined to bring his memories back – with mixed results.
2,033 words, complete, 6+


Speak of the Devil Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak & John Diggle – Oliver Queen is ready for a quiet night off when his sister tells him that her boyfriend is missing.
6,532 words, complete, pre-episode 2.10, 12+

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Storge Nikolaos & Stentor – “I don’t need a son,” Nikolaos had said to Akakios when the man had first broached the subject.
453 words, complete, 6+

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Less Than a Day
in Paradise
Azula – Silence surrounded her. No other prisoners moaned or screamed; only her ghosts came to visit her.
2,427 words, complete, 12+

Babylon Berlin

Milieustudie Gereon Rath/Charlotte Ritter – Charlotte has got used to life as a homicide detective, but there is still much to learn. Now she and Gereon are assigned a new case and she gets the chance to show everyone what she can do.
9,349 words, complete, written pre-season 3, 18+
Zu Asche, Zu Staub Swetlana/AlexejCabaret du Néant, 1929. Alexej confronts Swetlana after her performance.
843 words, complete, 16+

Carnival Row

The Cold Light of Day Tourmaline &/ Vignette – The sun is about to rise over The Burgue, and Tourmaline and Vignette are still outside the Row. With Vignette hurt, they have no choice but to find a place to hide and keep their heads low until the next night.
5,358 words, complete, 12+
The Dead Dreamer Philo & Berwick – Philo has managed to keep his head down for half a year, hiding on the Row among the fae. But then, a dead body changes everything.
9,164 words, complete, 12+
Faces New and Old Tourmaline & Philo – Tourmaline and Philo meet again in The Burgue.
1,362 words, complete, 12+
In Times of Hardship Philo/Vignette – Vignette arrives back home after a trying day, only to find out that Philo had it worse.
1,088 words, complete, 6+
A Reversal of Fortunes Runyan Millworthy & the Kobolds – Runyan Millworthy is at the lowest point in his career, when a chance meeting opens up new opportunities.
1,212 words, complete, 6+
That Which Must Be Heard Aoife Tsigani & Piety Breakspear – A small look at how Piety's life might have taken a different turn.
1,088 words, complete, un-betaed, 6+
To Augur the Future Piety Breakspeak & Aoife Tsigani – Piety was a young girl when her mother introduced her to the woman would help change and shape her future. A couple of glimpses of their relationship through the years.
2,705 words, complete, 6+
Two Sons Philo & Jonah – “Like father, like son” – Jonah and Philo confront their past and each other as history repeats itself.
1,620 words, complete, 6+

The Defenders & Related Series

Caught in the Dark Matt Murdock, Foggy Nelson & Karen Page – Matt Murdock’s day turns from good to very much not when he wakes up in a warehouse, handcuffed to a chair. With no idea who is responsible he has to be patient before he can find a way to free himself. At least he’s not alone.
12,571 words, complete, 12+
Of All the Gin Joints Jessica Jones & Matt Murdock – Jessica just wants to get drunk in peace, but that’s complicated by the fact that most of the bars in Hell’s Kitchen banned her at one point or another. Josie’s hasn’t, but it has other drawbacks.
1,205 words, complete, pre-canon, 12+

Dinner for One

Der 50. Geburtstag oder
Dinner for Five
James – James has been working for Miss Sophie for two months. Now it is her birthday and he wants everything to be perfect.
1,796 words, complete, 6+

Enola Holmes (2020)

A Thousand Shades and One Enola/Tewkesbury – Five times Tewkesbury used the language of flowers and one time Enola did.
1,591 words, complete, 6+

Flower of Evil (TV)

A Question of Love Do Hyun-sooDo you love her? The question floated back into Hyun-soo’s head that night when he tried to fall asleep.
649 words, complete, un-betaed, 6+

Free Guy

Rule By Consensus Guy – The former citizens of Free City find themselves in a brand new world with brand new possibilities – and now they finally get some input into its design.
1,150 words, complete, 12+

Game of Thrones & A Song of Ice and Fire

Ābrar Glaesis Missandei & Daenerys Targaryen – “Six years it had been, and every year, spring arrived on the anniversary of the final battle. And while Westeros rejoiced, its queen did not.”
1,003 words, complete, 6+
Arranged Misery Lyanna Stark/Oberyn Martell – Oberyn Martell never wanted to get married, but after the death of his sister and her children, his brother didn’t leave him much of a choice. The new Queen Regent needed a husband, and Oberyn just happened to be the most suitable candidate.
2,776 words, complete, 12+
The Bastard Daughter Sansa Stark – After Joffrey's death, Petyr Baelish tries to spirit Sansa away to the Vale, but fate intervenes, and she ends up in the last place anyone might look for her: Braavos.
24,130 words, complete, 16+

Chapters: I | II | III | IV | V | VI | Epilog
The Black Wolf Lives Jon Snow, Sansa Stark & Rickon Stark – “It was a stone that saved Rickon Stark’s life.”
2,097 words, complete, Battle of the Bastards AU, 12+
Daeneria-in-Westeros Daenerys Targaryen – Daenerys has finally conquered the Seven Kingdoms and can shape them in any way she pleases. Her advisors are not as impressed with her vision as she thinks they should be.
674 words, complete, Fusion with a Horrible Histories sketch about Alexander the Great, 6+
Last Words Miscellaneous – A Game of Thrones advent calender consisting of twenty-four ficlets that show glimpses into the lives of our (surviving) favourite characters post-canon.
10,574 words, complete, 12+

Chapters: I | II | III | IV | V | VI | VII | VIII | IX | X | XI | XII | XIII | XIV | XV | XVI |                    XVII | XVIII | XIX | XX | XXI | XXII | XXIII | XXIV

Good Omens

On Christmas Arrangements
of a Different Kind
Aziraphale/Crowley – They had both taken the credit for Christmas, of course.
1,054 words, complete, 18+

Harry Potter

Not Wanted Tom Riddle – Ficlet about Lord Voldemort’s childhood up to his eleventh birthday.
1,201 words, complete, pre-HBP, un-betaed, 6+


Waiting Isaac Mendez – Ficlet about Isaac’s thoughts during episode 1.19 (.07%).
374 words, complete, 12+

Illang: The Wolf Brigade

Children of an Age Im Joong-kyung/Lee Yoon-hee“You didn’t think walking away from this life would be that easy, did you?” – Just when Im Joong-kyung thought he could finally get away, Jang Jin-tae threatens him with the one thing he cares about: Lee Yoon-hee. In order to free both of them from his influence, he has to play a dangerous game and go undercover to find a mole in the police.
13,217 words, complete, 12+

Inside Men

Mojito & More Ahn Sang-goo/Woo Jang-hoon – Ahn Sang-goo is in a bad mood, and it's Woo Jang-hoon who gets called to deal with him.
1,444 words, complete, 12+
The Morning After Ahn Sang-goo/Woo Jang-hoon – “When Ahn Sang-goo woke up, the first thing he noticed even before he opened his eyes was that the bed beside him was empty.”
365 words, complete, 12+

Indiana Jones

Father and Son Indiana Jones & Henry Jones Sr – Five times Indiana Jones didn’t get along with his father and one time he did.
2,741 words, complete, 6+

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (TV)

A Hand from the Shadows Jonathan Strange/Arabella Strange, Gilbert Norrell & John Childermass – The Raven King’s spell is not yet done and while Strange and Norrell have to find their way back home, Arabella Strange and John Childermass have different problems to deal with.
18,030 words, complete, 6+

Love in Thoughts

Beyond a Thousand Bars,
No World
Günther Scheller – Life has never been easy for Günther, but some days are better than others. And some are worse.
4,360 words, complete, 12+

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Waltz Illya/Gaby – “Shall we dance a little, darling?” Gaby suggested as the orchestra started playing.
1,158 words, complete, un-betaed, 12+

Mass Effect: Andromeda

A Cold Wait Sara Ryder/Jaal Ama Darav – During a mission gone wrong, Jaal and Sara make an unexpected discovery on Voeld.
3,496 words, complete, 12+
Scott-Free Sara Ryder/Vetra Nyx – A snapshot of Sara and Vetra settling into their new life together after Meridian.
720 words, complete, 12+


Runges Epilog Heinrich Runge – An epilogue of sorts that explores Runge’s relationships and future.
1,529 words, complete, 6+

Mr. Sunshine

Like a Moth to a Flame Eugene/Ae-shin – A step back changes everything, and Eugene finds himself facing a future he never thought he’d have.
6,123 words, complete, 12+

The Musketeers

All for One Aramis, Porthos & Athos – One time Aramis got himself in trouble over a woman and his friends got him out of it.
839 words, complete, un-betaed, 6+
For France Richelieu – A small look at Richelieu’s thoughts after the first season.
1,047 words, complete, 6+
Responsibilities D’Artagnan/Constance – Running the Musketeers was the source of many a headache, d’Artagnan soon found out, and Constance, well, she thought it amusing that he struggled with it.
2,558 words, un-betaed, complete, 12+
Something to Aspire to Aramis/Queen Anne – Aramis settles into his new life as First Minister of France. It isn’t easy, but he isn’t quite as alone as he thinks at times.
3,382 words, complete, 16+


An Elephant’s Memory Door, Richard Mayhew & the Marquis de Carabas – In which there are a chess game, an elephant and a lot of mice.
2,698 words, complete, 6+

Outlaw King

Triptych Robert/Elizabeth & Marjorie – “Sunlight streamed through the small window and woke Elizabeth de Burgh.”
978 words, complete, 6+


In Good Hands Jun/Chun-dong – When Yang Chun-dong gets a call one night, he doesn’t expect it to bring Kim Jun back into his life, but that’s exactly what it does.
2,419 words, complete, 12+

Rogue One

Living with Droids Cassian/Jyn – Five Times Kaytoo stopped Jyn and Cassian from having sex and one time he didn’t.
3,253 words, complete, 16+
Sweat, Engine Oil and Sex Cassian/Jyn – Jyn and Cassian need to get back some vital intel for the Alliance from a group of thugs. Their plan is solid, until things escalate.
2,667 words, complete, 18+


One Way Ticket Lim Soo-ho – A look at Lim Soo-ho’s feelings during his meeting(s) with Eun Yeong-ro in episode 1.
367 words, complete, un-betaed, 6+

Spy Myeong Wol

Not Quite a Bond Girl Ju In Ah/Choi Ryu – Ryu must build a new life. In Ah copes with the changes in hers. Both succeed to varying degrees until fate reunites them.
9,401 words, complete, 12+

Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

The Taming of a
Crazy Horse
Gu Yong Ha/Mun Jae Shin – A short story about the friendship between Gu Yong Ha and Mun Jae Shin – and how it turned into something more.
2,278 words, complete, un-betaed, 12+

The Umbrella Academy

Zenaida Macroura Hazel/Agnes Rofa – Hazel and Agnes escape the apocalypse – now they just need to figure out what to do with their stolen time together.
1,176 words, complete, 6+

Warrior (2019)

Life is Blood Rosalita Vega – All Rosalita could sense was home, and she took comfort in it while she died. Only she didn’t die.
952 words, complete, un-betaed, 12+

The Witcher

Under the Same Roof Geralt, Lambert, Vesemir & Eskel – Geralt, Vesemir, Eskel and Lambert winter together at Kaer Morhen.
2,786 words, complete, un-betaed, 12+