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Let Dai    

Let Dai
Artist: Won Soo-yeon
Original language: Koreanisch
Years of publication: 1995- 2005
Verlag: Net Comics
Length: 15 volumes
Genre: BL, Drama
Status: complete
Notes: This might seem a little out
of date, since it’ the trans-
lation of a rec written in 2009

The manhwa Let Dai, also described as a gay Mars by critics, is among the more remarkable series that I have read these last few years. Which is why it’s a shame that the current English translation could do with a revision. However, this should not discourage you, since Let Dai is extraordinary despite it.

This is at least partly due to artist and writer Woo Soo-Yeon, whose style is simply enchanting. It is not as cute as the style of other artists who work in this genre, which helps when it comes to the story’s more cruel aspects, which are not always pretty to look at.

If you’re just looking at the plot, the moniker “gay Mars” seems quite accurate at first glance, but at a second glance, you’ll discover that there’s more to the story than the budding love between the two main characters Dai and Jaehee, who sometimes hate and sometimes love each other, yet can’t get away from each other no matter how hard they try. There are also the “minor characters”, who the author takes a lot of care with. At times, the reader is more invested in the stories of Eunhyung and her sister, who are both in love with Jaehee and unable to win his affections.

In addition to this, the manhwa also treats topics like rape more seriously than the genre generally does. Eunhyung, who is raped by Dai’s gang, becomes one of the series most impressive characters through this unusually realistic depiction. Especially in the first couple of issues she serves as a counterpoint to Dai, who is only depicted as the cruel leader of his gang at first. On first glance, all the characters seem to keep to their clichés, but with each new issue, the main characters develop a depth not normally found in comic books. Even the minor characters don’t necessarily stay one-dimensional.

Let Dai is one of the most mesmerizing series the BL genre has to offer, and it’s much more than just a love story. That especially makes it something unique.