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Update 2022/07/31

This update contains:
  1. For the ill-fated Fandom Giftbox 2021, I wrote A Cold Wait, a Mass Effect: Andromeda fanfic.
  2. I added a translation of one of my poems: I Perspective
  3. I published some more Carnival Row fanfics: Two Sons and the Chocolate Box treat That Which Must Be Heard.
  4. After three years, I finally got two of my Rogue One fics betaed, Living with Droids and Sweat, Engine Oil and Sex.
  5. For Yuletide 2021, I wrote Like a Moth to a Flame (Mr. Sunshine) and Rule By Consensus (Free Guy).
  6. For 2022’s Snowflake Challenge, I wrote One Way Ticket, a Snowdrop ficlet.
  7. Another fic I finally got betaed: For France, a The Musketeers fic.
  8. For Chocolate Box 2022, I wrote Peaches, Blossoms and Memories, an Arang and the Magistrate fanfic.
  9. In 2022, I also wrote Caught in the Dark for Fandom 5K, a Daredevil fanfic.

Update 2021/08/10

This time, the updates are a little more varied than just “I wrote this fic for this fandom”, as you can see:
  • I actually managed to add recs, after almost a decade of swearing I would, some day. This includes Carnival Row, Kingdom and Piranesi.
  • For 2020’s fandom giftbox I made the following:
    1. Namárië – calligraphy of a poem from The Lord of the Rings.
    2. Under the Same Roof, a The Witcher fanfic.
  • After my love of Korean dramas got reignited, I wrote an episode tag for episode 08 of Flower of Evil: A Question of Love.
  • I also finally got around to taking some more photos and to adding them to this site.
  • I wrote Children of an Age – a Illang: The Wolf Brigade fanfic for Yuletide 2020.
  • My Chocolate Box fics 2021:
    1. Mojito & More, an Inside Men fanfic.
    2. The Morning After, an Inside Men ficlet.
    3. A Thousand Shades and One, an Enola Holmes fanfic.
  • In 2021, I finally wrote a meta project I had been thinking about a lot: Valyrio Bardion, an attempt to create a written language for one of the fictional languages of Game of Thrones.
  • For 2021’s Fixed That For You Fest, I wrote Life is Blood, a Warrior (2019) ficlet.

Update 2020/06/21

In between the last update and this one, I had to look for a new webhoster, since the fees on my old one had tripled in the ten years I was with them, without adding any functionality that was useful for me. I have also written quite a bit in English lately.
  1. I got into Game of Thrones a few years back and finally finished a few fics. A couple were for exchanges, and two were for kinkmeme prompts: Daeneria-in-Westeros – a cracky Horrible Histories/Game of Thrones fusion – and The Bastard Daughter. The latter has six chapters and an epilog and is 24k words long.
  2. Then there are the two Game of Thrones fics I wrote as treats for Chocolate Box 2018: The Black Wolf Lives and Arranged Misery, and the one I wrote for Fandom Giftbox, Ābrar Glaesis.
  3. For Yuletide 2017 I wrote A Hand from the Shadows, a rather long fic for the TV series Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.
  4. My other Chocolate Box fics are a The Musketeers fic called Something to Aspire to, Of All the Gin Joints, a The Defenders fanfic, and Scott-Free, a ficlet for Mass Effect: Andromeda.
  5. For Every Woman 2018, I wrote Welcome to LA, an Agent Carter fanfic.
  6. For Yuletide 2018, I wrote Father and Son, an Indiana Jones fanfic.
  7. In 2019, I only wrote two ficlets for Chocolate Box: Zu Asche, Zu Staub (Babylon Berlin) and Triptych (Outlaw King)
  8. In 2019, I also took two pinch hits for the first time: for Not Prime Time I wrote Zenaida Macroura, a The Umbrella Academy fanfic, and for Trick or Treat I wrote Milieustudie another Babylon Berlin fic.
  9. I participated in Fandom Giftbox in 2019 and wrote: Storge (Assassin’s Creed Odyssey), In Times of Hardship (Carnival Row), Waltz (The Man from U.N.C.L.E.), All for One (The Musketeers) and In Good Hands (Psychometry).
  10. In 2019, I wrote another advent calender, this time for Game of Thrones: Last Words.
  11. 2019 was the year of Carnival Row. For Yuletide, I wrote five fics for the series: The Cold Light of Day, The Dead Dreamer, Faces New and Old, A Reversal of Fortunes and To Augur the Future.
  12. For 2020’s round of Chocolate Box I wrote another fic for The Musketeers: Responsibilities.

Update 2017/06/11

My mental illness had me sidetracked for quite a while (understatement of the century) So, this time:
  1. My Yuletide 2012 fanfiction: Not Quite a Bond Girl, a Spy Myeong Wol fanfic of a staggering 9000 words and four chapters.
  2. My Yuletide 2013 fanfiction: Speak of the Devil, an Arrow fanfic.

Update 2012/08/25

Today, I’ve got this for you:
  • Runges Epilog, a Monster fanfic. Written for a rare fandom fic exchange.
  • The Taming of a Crazy Horse, a Sungkyunkwan Scandal fanfic. Written for the same exchange the year before
  • My photos were (finally) updated after years of neglect. Among others, there are photos of the north sea coast and the marshes where I grew up.